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Some people would come up with some clever insightful name for this, not me.  I guess I could call it a Blog but I’m just going with “Thoughts.”   I made a New Year’s resolution to start writing “something” on a “regular” basis (not real specific or measurable contrary to all expert advice!)  Like many folks, I procrastinated; I got caught up in the what, when, why, how, not sure where to start.  And you know what, that’s ok.  Someone much smarter than me has said that starting things is hard but you can start small so here goes…

It happens all the time when people say, I’m going to eat better, save more, or spend less and then they get off track.  Don’t let a small backslide (even if it is a LARGE pizza) stop you for good.  Acknowledge that it happened, no punishment needed, and move on.  There’s no harm in setting a big goal, just know that slow starts, small steps and setbacks are going to be part of it.  To quote Marge Simpson “Aim so low, no one will even care if you succeed” but do like the opposite of what she said!

I think the title “Thoughts” is appropriate; I’m certainly not going to call it “Insights” because what the heck do I know!  Maybe I should add Random?.... anyways, I’ll try to stay in the ballpark of personal finance but I’m not going to be analyzing historical market trends, breaking down any earnings reports or likely writing anything you haven’t read somewhere else from somebody smarter.  So…….. enjoy?